About the Crash

The Crash practices every Thursday at 7:00pm at Marion Diel Recreation Center. Practices are open to the public.

The Crash is a 100% volunteer run 501(C)(3) organization and a member of the United States Quad Rugby Association.

We are dependent on foundation grants, corporate sponsorship and individual donations for program success.

All donations go to team expenses such as equipment purchases, uniforms, transportation, accommodations and other costs involved in hosting and attending tournaments.

Give the gift of sport!
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or send your check made payable to:
Carolina Crash
7431 Flodden Field Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28217

The Carolina Crash genuinely appreciates your generosity and support.
Bobby Stewart - Class: 1.0 Chad Foster - Class: 1.0
Greg Taylor - Class: 1.5 Justin Falls - Class: 1.5
Chris Coley - Class: 2.0 Tommy O'Reilly - Class: 2.0
Dave Jenkins - Class: 2.0 Brian Muscarella - Class: 2.0
Matt Crisp - Class: 3.0
The Carolina Crash was developed in 1995 as part of an overall vision of Carolinas Rehabilitation to serve the sport and recreational needs of its patients through ASAP, the Adaptive Sports and Adventure Program; a Blaze Sports affiliate. Additional founding program partners include the hospital and its Foundation as well as several veteran players.
The rugby program continued for many years under the direction and sponsorship of ASAP and today Carolinas Rehabilitation and ASAP remain its primary sponsor.

After a 2 year hiatus from competition due to lack of traveling players, the Carolina Crash regrouped and in 2007 incorporated as its own non-profit due to the explicit need to raise funds that would directly support the mission of the rugby team and program.

The team remains closely linked to the hospital, which still provides funding as well as recreational therapeutic staff for practices, competitive travel and equipment transportation.

The Crash is a 100% volunteer run 501(C)(3) organization and a member of the United States Quad Rugby Association.
Quad Rugby is a simple game with complex strategies for playing both offense and defense. It is played with a volleyball on a basketball-size court with goal lines marked by cones and a lined-off “key” area (see diagram).

The object of the game is to score a goal (1 point) by crossing the goal line with possession of the ball while the opposing team is defending that goal. The team with the most points when time runs out wins.
Quad Rugby is a full contact sport, but no personal contact is allowed: Slapping, hitting, punching, gouging out eyes, biting off ears, etc. is not allowed and penalties are enforced, usually requiring time in the penalty box.
To play one must have some dysfunction in all four limbs, so amputees, post-polios, and those with other disabilities might also be eligible to play, but most players have sustained cervical spinal cord injuries.

There is a classification system that identifies levels of function, giving a broad range of persons an opportunity to play quad rugby. Classification is based on function, not athletic ability.

There are seven player classifications ranging from 0.5 (the lowest class who have limited function of arms and hands) to 3.5 (the highest class who have much greater function) – and all those in between: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5.

The maximum point value allowed on the court per team is 8.0. Example: 3.0 + 2.0 + 2.0 + 1.0 = 8.0. Less than 8.0 is allowed.

All female athletes and athletes that are over 45 are reduced an additional 0.5. Maximum points allowed is still 8.0.

News & Events

The Crash's 2015-2016 Touornament Schedule

  • October 10-11: Fall Brawl (Jacksonville, FL)
  • December 5-6: Raleigh Rumble (Raleigh, NC)
  • January 8-10: Southern Slam (Jacksonville, FL)
  • January 30 - 31: Capital (Washington DC)
  • Home Tournament Date to be Determined (Charlotte, NC)
  • Atlantic South Regional (Date and Location to be Determined)

Crash Finishes 2-2 at Third Annual Fall Brawl

The Crash finished fifth with a two and two record at this year's Fall Brawl held in Jacksonville, FL.
The Crash suffered loses to Jacksonville and Atlanta before defeating South Florida on Saturday. On Sunday the Crash defeated South Florida in a rematch to determine 5th and 6th place.
The Crash's Dave Jenkins was awarded Best In Class 2.0.

Crash's Chad Foster Featured in Summer Issue of Outspoken

The Carolina Crash's is the subject of this summer's issue of Outspoken, the South Carolina Spinal Chord Injury Association's Newsletter. Nice work Chad!

The Crash finished the 2014-2015 Season with a Record of 12-9

Crash Finishes 2-4 at Atlantic Super-Sectionals

The Crash was disappointed with a two and four finish at the 2015 Atlantic Super-Sectional held in Orlando, FL
The Crash had victories over Orlando and Philadelphia but lost close games to DC, Tampa, New York and Jacksonville.

Crash Finishes 2-3 at Southern Slam

The Crash was disappointed with a two and three finish at this year's Southern Slam held in Jacksonville, FL
The Crash had victories over Denver and Lakeshore but lost close games to Calgary, DC and Jacksonville.

Crash places 2nd at Raleigh Rumble

The Carolina Crash went 3 - 1 and finished second at the Ninth Annual Raleigh Rumble. The Crash scored victories over Maryland, DC, and Raleigh and suffered a loss to the Shepherd Smash (Atlanta).
The Crash's Mark Herndon was awarded Tournament MVP.

Crash scores victories over Raleigh Sidewinders

The Crash defeated in-state rival Raliegh Sidewinders in two scrimage games held in Mebane, NC.

"Smashing Stereotypes
One Hit at a Time!"


Hall of Fame

Carolinas Rehabilitation - Apaptive Sports and Adventures Program

Carolinas Rehabilitation in Charlotte, NC, is dedicated to state of the art care for patients suffering from spinal cord injury, stroke, TBI and other traumatic injuries since 1950.

The hospital is one of the largest inpatient rehabilitation centers in the country and is renowned for assisting adults, adolescents and children with life altering injuries and conditions lead longer and richer lives at the highest level of function possible.

As a part of this focus, Carolinas Rehabilitation designed the Adaptive Sports and Adventure Program to provide recreational and competitive adaptive sport opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities including both hospital patients as well as those in the greater Charlotte community. The organization sponsors and leads a diverse number of individual and team sports programs to fulfill this vision.

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation

The Therapeutic Recreation division of Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation provides therapeutic recreation services for individuals who have disabilities. These services focus on abilities, rather than disabilities and encourages people to attain their highest level of independent leisure functioning by increasing leisure skills, improving social and communication skills, increasing independent living skills and increasing their awareness of and involvement in community recreational activities. Therapeutic Recreation ensures inclusive opportunities in all program services and acts as an advocate for individuals with disabilities by promoting accessibility at all Department parks, facilities, programs, special events and classes.

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

The Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Program awards grants to non-profit organizations that provide services to individuals with paralysis. Quality of Life grants are awarded to programs or projects that improve the daily lives of people with paralysis.


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